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Life before the Taliban: Fascinating photos show short skirts, flash cars and no burkas before Afghanistan plunged into hell

Pictured is an Afghan teacher. The Higher Teachers’ College was a two-year institution for training college-level teachers
Taking in the view: A blonde Peg Podlich pictured in Kabul, shortly after arriving, as locals walk past
Journeying: Peg Podlich, in the sunglasses, taking a family trip on a bus from Kabul to Peshawar in Pakistan
These fascinating photographs from Afghanistan in the 1960s are a far cry from the war-torn images in the news today.

The eye-opening collection was captured by university professor Dr Bill Podlich from Arizona, who swapped life in America to travel to Kabul with his wife, Margaret, and two teenage daughters, Jan and Peg.
Using his Kodachrome film, his images show a peaceful Afghanistan making strides towards a more liberal and Westernised lifestyle - a stark contrast to harrowing sights seen during Taliban regime.

Fun in the sun: Jan (left) and Peg (right) Podlich at Paghman Gardens, which was destroyed during the years of war before the 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan

Serene images include men relaxing outside with a picnic, boys playing in the Kabul river in the sun and girls smiling during lessons.
Others show colourful marketplaces, gardens alive with colourful flowers and even a giggling boy decorating cakes.
While many feature happy Afghans, there are many of the Podlich family peacefully enjoying their time living in the country.

Friends: Pictured are Afghan girls coming home from school. The girls, as well as boys, were educated up to the high-school level, and although both sexes wore uniforms, the girls were not allowed to wear a chadri on their way to secondary school. Able young women attended college, as did the me

Hanging out: Hoards of happy citizens gather on large trucks, which served as portable grandstands

Peaceful: Men relax in the shade overlooking Istalif, a centuries-old centre for pottery, located northwest of Kabul
A class at the American International School of Kabul where Peg and Jan attended. After class the girls were supervised by Indian ladies wearing saris, and were driven with about 20 students back through Kabul
Picnic In Afghanistan shows a group of young Afghans sharing tea and music in their free-time
Play time: Young students in blue uniforms can be seen dancing to music in a school playground

Family bond: Two colourful sisters, hand in hand, pose for a photograph in Kabul, surrounded by trading locals
Shopping trip: One of Dr Podlich's daughters, Jan, smiles during a trip to Istalif, a village 18 miles northwest of Kabul

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