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Novas do Suedistão


STOCKHOLM (NRK): Over 50 districts in Sweden is singled out as especially vulnerable areas, where criminal networks have much power, and where lawlessness prevails. NRK was present when police were attacked.

While in 1990 there were three ‘exclusion areas’ in Sweden, according to the Swedish People’s Party, showing the last calculation, which is done by a researcher and economist Tino Sanandaji in 2012, that number has risen to 186.
A police report by the Swedish State Police in 2014 lists 55 of exclusion areas: particularly vulnerable neighborhoods where criminal networks have a strong influence. They are called “no go zones”.
There are areas that have evolved into a parallel society, with a large degree of internal justice and control.

‘- There is lawlessness in parts of the Stockholm region now,’ said police inspector Lars Alvarsjø in Stockholm police region to NRK.
‘- The situation is serious. There are some areas where we seem to lose control. The police can never accept that criminal groups take control in some residential areas, but it is so now the situation in some of the areas around Stockholm.’
Almost half of the exposed areas, as Rinkeby and neighboring districts Tensta and Husby, are located in the Stockholm area.
Just a half hour drive away from the Royal Palace in Stockholm, a society has emerged where common laws do not apply.
‘- In those areas the criminal gangs determine the rules of the game,’ says Alvarsjø.
‘- How is the police received in these areas?’
‘- We are met by stone-throwing when we go out on patrol. The same happens with firefighters and ambulances. Firefighters and ambulances never enter these areas without taking the police along – they only enter the area when police have secured it, even if it is an emergency,’ says Alvarsjø.
‘- Just last week, a police patrol got fired upon. It also happened that someone has thrown grenade on patrols. A police bus that was attacked with a hand grenade, thank goodness the bus was armored. Had it not been, we would have had a large number of dead policemen in the bus.
Due to the attacks, police never enter such areas as a lone patrol. …
‘- Criminals have scouts which spots the police. The gangs have prepared stocks of stones and iron bars which they throw at us when we arrive. Even Molotov cocktails they have thrown at us,’ saying Alvarsjø.
‘- Why do they attack the police like that?’
‘- They want the mark that they have control in these areas,’ says Alvarsjø.”

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Bilder disse...

E a esquerda continua a promover a invasão(não falemos agora da direitinha).outro post a não perder

A-24 disse...

Nada que me surpeeenda. Há muito que são essas as bandeiras deles. Restamos nós para os desmascarar.
Muito interessante. Vou republica-lo em breve. Obrigado Bilder.