segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2016

A petição que já leva quase 3 milhões de assinaturas para novo referendo no UK, contém 25 mil assinaturas... da Coreia do Norte!

 Via Breitbart

"As of Sunday afternoon, around 41,118 signatories have come from Vatican City, 11,717 from the United States, and curiously, 24,855 from North Korea.
At least 19,000 signatures have come from France, and 2,735 from British Antarctic Territory, which has a population of just 250 people.
And even UK-based signatories are raising questions, with the petition attracting a curiously high number of signatures from constituencies with small populations.
Turnout in the 2015 General Election was 36,185 in the Cities of London and Westminster constituency. Yet over 40,000 are claimed to have signed the Remain petition from that constituency in the past few days. That would mean that more than every single person that voted in 2015 has signed the petition, including all voters from the UK Independence Party and the Conservative Party, the former of which is overwhelmingly Eurosceptic, and the latter of which is split in half over the issue.
The House of Commons petitions committee has today acknowledged that there may be fraudulent signatures on the petition, and has claimed that they will remove them." 

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