quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016

A Quick Prescription to Eliminate Islamic Terrorism

Via CoffeeShop Politics

a) Ban the teaching of religion subject in schools.
b) Ban the teaching of Islamic history.
c) Convert 90% of mosques to public libraries, sports clubs, coffee shops, or anything else.
d) For each million people, only one religious man.
e) Cancel all religious media.
f) Distract the people with sport and especially football.
The experience in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen proved that “granting freedom” to these people is like granting Freedom to AIDS or other viruses.
Freedom is for human.
Freedom is not given to the people who want to “Arbitrate the Law of Allah”.
Freedom is not suitable for “Islamists”.
“Islamists” are enemies of Freedom and Humanity.
“Islamists” are more dangerous than any virus on the existence of humans.
How do some people in Europe calling to grant Freedom to the Islamic destructive viruses?
The slogan of the Holy Imam Ataturk when he imposed “Secularism” by force was “Against the People for the People”.
The Great Ataturk has spoken the truth.

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