domingo, 2 de outubro de 2016

Apenas 13.134 refugiados foram deportados da Alemanha

Via Daily mail
Half a million Germany can't send home
More than half a million migrants are still living in Germany, despite having their asylum applications rejected.
Just 13,134 failed asylum seekers have been deported in the first months of this year, despite Angela Merkel’s pledge to speed up removals.
The slow pace of deportations is beginning to hurt the chancellor politically.
A total of 549,209 people who have had their asylum applications rejected are living in Germany.
The reasons for remaining are extremely varied, according to data from the government that was released after a request from the hard-Left Die Linke party.
Some 37,020 have no passports, so the government doesn’t know where to send them to. Another 107,400 deportations are said to be impossible because there are no functioning authorities in the migrants’ home country.
Nearly 11,000 cannot be sent back because the situation in their homelands – Syria and Somalia for example – is too dangerous.
Nearly 3,500 set for deportation have been allowed to stay because they are looking after sick relatives or signed up to government apprenticeship schemes.
A further 1,700 are ill, and 440 face criminal proceedings.
The national chairman of the German Police Union Rainer Wendt said: ‘There is a real deportation-hindering industry going on in Germany.’

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