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'You must be white, you must be Christian. The time has come to live separately': Inside South Africa's chilling 'Eden Project' where black people are BANNED

A24: Num país que vive um Apartheid ao contrário desde que a "democracia" chegou, os sul africanos brancos tomam as suas medidas.

Via Daily Mail
White 'pioneers' say there is a 'growing hatred' against white people in South Africa and they need whites-only town

Controversial 'Eden Project' planned for remote 5,700 acre site in the Eastern Cape

167 families have bought 'havens' where up to 30,000 people could live
Unapologetic leader says return to segregated living 'is the only way to preserve culture'
One prospective resident told MailOnline: 'Apartheid didn't end, just reversed what we had before'
Enclave plans two schools, administration block, rugby pitch and a hospital
Project highlights the deep racial divisions in South Africa more than two decades after end of apartheid

Jacqui Gradwell, leader of the new community, cites 'the murder of 88,000 white people' since
the first free vote of 1994 as evidence of 'a genocide against our people'

sprawling 'whites-only' settlement dubbed 'Project Eden' is being set up on the edge of the South African desert by 'pioneers' who claim they are the victims of 'apartheid in reverse'.

The controversial community will house up to 30,000 residents and is modelled on the 'Orania' enclave where Afrikaaners live apart from black people and even have their own currency.
Jacqui Gradwell, leader of the chilling new area under construction cites 'the murder of 88,000 white people' since the first free vote of 1994 as evidence of 'a genocide against our people'.
A return to the old way – when whites and non-white South Africans lived apart - 'is the only way to preserve our culture', he insists.
'It is not a racist project, it is based on fact. We have the right to that.'

The married father-of-six, whose beard is styled on those worn by his early settler ancestors, claims to receive 'multiple' calls every day from white 'pioneers' seeking refuge from South Africa's political volatility, endemic corruption and high rates of violent crime.

He is convinced that the current level of violence will soon bring the 'Rainbow Nation' to the brink of civil war.
In an unnerving example of how deep racial divisions remain in South Africa more than two decades after the end of apartheid, Gradwell is unapologetic that the qualification to be part of Die Eden Projek – the Eden Project in Afrikaans – is based on race.

'They must be white because all the murders and all the violence in this country is perpetrated by black people,' the 55-year-old farmer says firmly without apology.

'They must also be Christians and we intend to stick to that principle, we want to bring safety back to our own people.'
Mr Gradwell left South Africa in 1992 ‘in a lot of anger’ after the momentous referendum that ended apartheid, but returned ten years later after struggling with visa issues.

‘By the time I came back to my homeland, everything had changed,’ he said.

Those who are unhappy about the creation of the new settlement are not able to block the sale of the land, but the authorities have said they will ensure that the usual strict requirements will be met including planning permission and the commissioning of an environmental impact survey.

The Eden leaders insist they ‘will do things by the book’.

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