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What is Globalism?

Via Bilder 

Globalism is the dominant ideology of our times and it unites the Left and the Right. Globalism should not be confused with globalization. Globalists purposely encourage this confusion, but globalization is a factual account of the accelerating interactions of nations since the discovery of the New World and the creation of international markets, shipping, transit, and communications networks from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. Globalism, on the other hand, is an ideology describing how our current elites, on both the Right and the Left, would like things to be politically.
Globalism is an ideology that advocates open borders, mass immigration, and the liquidation of (Western) national identities. It advocates, under the guise of diversity, the obliteration of “indigenous” European cultures and the creation of a generic culture dedicated to consumerism and universal human rights. Globalization is not an ideology but a factual state of affairs about the growth of communications and trade in the modern era.
Both the Leftist and the corporate Right establishment are globalists, and both portray globalism as if it were an inevitable fact intimately associated with the growth of trade and communications. But globalism, as Robert Locke points out, is a deliberate political choice, no more inevitable than the establishment of feminism, transsexualism, or Communism. Mass immigration is not inevitable. It could be stopped tomorrow.------more here https://www.counter-currents.com/2017/04/trump-the-globalist-convergence-of-the-left-and-right-against-nationalism/

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Bilder disse...

Merece tradução(dúvido que a maioria leia em inglês e o entenda,eu por vezes crio esses posts em inglês e por falta de tempo não traduzo).Só a primeira frase: A esquerda e a direita(do sistema politico estabelecido)são instrumentos do mesmo globalismo.